There once was a black panther that lived in the deep part of the woods.

One day the black panther decided to go for a long walk.

He had never been to the end of the woods and wanted to know what was there.

The other panthers warned him that it was dangerous there and not to go.

The panther began to think that nothing could be more dangerous than him.

Many animals are afraid of black panthers and so he decided to go.

As he walked farther and farther from the woods many things started to change.

He saw long grey paths which were roads and he saw metal animals which were cars.

These metal animals made loud noises and smelled bad.

He had never seen such strange things that moved so fast.

He wanted to get to the other side and was very scared as he stepped on the path.

Quickly he ran to the other side but one metal animal almost hit him.

He ran as fast as he could hoping it wouldn’t try and catch him.


When he looked around he was surrounded by strange buildings and people.

Now the panther was really scared and began to run back towards the woods.

Some people were working on one of the buildings and had paint on the ground.

The panther ran through the building and knocked a bucket of paint on himself.

It was blue paint and turned the black panther completely blue.

He quickly ran home crossing the grey path with the noisy metal animals.

He was so glad to be far away from that place that he had forgotten about the paint.

When the other panthers saw him they began to laugh.

He didn’t look so dangerous now that he was all blue.

The panther had to wash for days to get the paint off.

He never would try to go to the end of the woods again.

He knew now that there was something more dangerous than himself.