Linda lived out on a ranch in Texas.

On the ranch lived her big husky, white tomcat!

Linda called her cat Prissy because of the way he walked.

He used to walk around like a lion, with his head held high and proud.

Cats like to eat mice, birds and fish too.

Prissy helped the ranch by catching mice day and night.

Cats will also catch snakes but usually only small grass snakes.

When Prissy saw a small grass snake that was not too big he would grab it!

Then he would let it go and it would wiggle off trying to get away.

Prissy would then chase it and grab it again and shake it.

On the ranch there were also rattlesnakes.

Prissy wouldn't catch the rattlesnakes but he would chase them away.


Linda's cat would never eat the snake either.

I guess snakes don't taste too good.

Prissy really liked to eat fish and he would go fishing sometimes.

He fished in Linda's fish bowl that was up on her table.

He would climb up on her table and dip his paw into the water to get the fish.

Linda would grab him and scold Prissy to not catch her fish.

One day though Linda looked into her fish bowl and one of her fish were missing.

She wondered what had happened to her fish.

Then she saw a little piece of fish left on the floor.

That cat had had a nice fresh fish meal, and he liked it.

Prissy didn't know it was wrong to eat the fish because that's what cats do.

Linda placed her fish bowl high up from then on and put Prissy outside.

Prissy had to learn to catch his food outside instead of in the house.