Early one morning Monty the monkey could hear someone crying.

Monty listened and followed the sound until he reached the river.

There he saw a hippo's head sticking out of the water.

The hippo was wailing and crying so loud Monty had to put his hand over his ears.

Monty asked the hippo why he was crying so loud.

The hippo said he had a pain in his tooth and didn't know what to do.

Then the hippo opened his mouth wide and showed Monty his two large teeth.

The hippo's mouth was so big it scared Monty to look inside.

Monty asked the hippo what tooth hurt but the hippo didn't know.

I will tap on one tooth at a time, if it hurts let me know, said Monty.

Monty tapped on the right tooth but that didn't hurt the hippo.

Then Monty tapped on the left tooth and the hippo let out an awful cry.


You will have to pull that tooth said Monty to the hippo.

The hippo asked Monty to please pull his tooth and stop the pain.

Monty would like to help the hippo but he was just to small to pull that big tooth.

Then Monty saw a large elephant bathing in the river nearby.

The elephant would be strong enough to pull the hippo's tooth thought Monty.

He quickly ran over to the elephant and asked if he could help.

The elephant was happy to help the hippo and slowly walked over to take a look.

The elephant told Monty to tie some vine to the hippo's tooth.

Monty tied the vine on tight to the tooth then gave the other end to the elephant.

The elephant jerked the vine and the tooth came flying out of the hippo's mouth.

The hippo suddenly felt the pain was gone and thanked Monty for his kindness.

Monty thanked the elephant for his strong help to pull the tooth.

He waved good-bye to the hippo and was happy to have helped him.