One night Tina asked her friends Jenny and Marie to stay overnight.

They were going to stay up late and do different things throughout the night.

First they played some games and then they watched a spooky movie.

When the movie was over Tina thought it would be fun to tell spooky stories.

They tried to scare each other with their scary stories.

All of sudden a bolt of lightning flashed through the sky and scared them.

The flash was followed by a thundering sound and more lightning flashes.

It was a thunder storm and the wind was beginning to blow.

Mom told them to get some flashlights in case the lights went out.

The girls laughed as they thought about the stories they had been telling.

Then Tina heard a scratching noise coming from the upstairs attic.

The girls screamed as the lights went off and everything went dark.

Marie teased the other girls that maybe there was a ghost in the attic.

Then they heard the scratching noise again coming from the attic.

Jenny told Tina to go and look and see if it was a ghost scratching the walls.


Tina told Marie to go but they were all too scared to go and look.

Then they heard a whining noise coming from upstairs too.

They all jumped under the bed cover and started screaming.

Mom came running to their room to find out what was wrong.

“There is a ghost in the attic,” the girls cried to Tina's mom.

When mom heard the noise again she took the girls upstairs to see what it was.

They opened the attic door slowly and to their surprise they saw the ghost.

The ghost was a small mouse that was chewing on an empty box.

They all laughed as the mouse ran away to hide.

Mom told the girls that maybe it was best to not tell any more spooky stories.