My mom and I are planning a birthday party for my brother.

We are going to make it a surprise birthday party.

My mother makes him a cake that looks like a spaceship.

She puts six candles on it because he will be six years old.

When she finishes the cake we go to the store to buy a present and ice cream.

We look around the store at the toys to find a present for him.

I like the red fire engine with the red flashing lights.

My mother thinks he would like a blue race car.

We decide to get the fire engine and the race car for his present.

Next we buy ice cream for the party.

My brother likes chocolate ice cream.

I like vanilla and strawberry ice cream so mom buys all three flavors.

We go home to decorate the house for the party.


Daddy takes my brother to the park so he won’t know about the surprise.

We hang different colored balloons all around the room.

Then we hang a sign on the wall that reads Happy Birthday.

I help mom make some fruit punch and put it on the table.

Now everything is ready for the birthday surprise.

We call my brothers' friends inside and tell them to hide.

When my brother walks into the house we all jump up and shout “Happy Birthday."

He looks surprised and happy as he looks around the room.

We play lots of games together and then we light the candles on the cake.

We sing happy birthday to him and he blows out the six candles.

Then he opens his presents and is so happy to get the fire engine and race car.

My brother thanks my mom and me for making his birthday a very special day.