Have you ever caught a cold and had to stay in bed?

If you catch a cold you have to be careful not to sneeze on anyone.

You should keep some tissues by your bed in case you sneeze.

If you feel very sick you can go to the doctor to see what is wrong.

The doctor will tell you to open your mouth so he can look inside.

He usually puts a stick on your tongue and tells you to say, Ahhh.

He will also look into your ears with a little light.

The doctor will listen to your breathing to see if you have a cough.

If you have a cough you should take extra care and drink lots of water.

The doctor may give you some cough syrup for your cough.

He will take you temperature to see if you have a fever.

If you have a fever you will need to stay under your covers and stay warm.


Fevers sometimes make your head and body hurt.

The doctor may give you some medicine to help you get better.

It's also good to eat light meals and drink lots of juice.

Orange, grape, and guava juice are good juices to drink.

Don't watch too much TV when you're in bed with a cold.

It can make you eyes sore and maybe cause your head to hurt more.

It's nice to listen to some music or listen to a story tape instead of watching TV.

If you ask your mom or dad, maybe they can read you a story.

It's not fun to have to stay in bed when you have a cold.

It's not fun but it's important so you can get strong and healthy again.

You can do some things to help you resist catching a cold.

Eat lots of fruit and vegetables, exercise, and drink lots of water.

If you take care of yourself it will stop you from catching any more colds.