A long, long time ago in the country of France.

A twenty year old man went on a walk through the country.

He noticed that the land was very dry.

There were no trees or animals anywhere.

All the people had left because they couldn't grow crops.

The man stopped one night at an old cottage.

There lived an old man who let him stay a few days.

Every night the old man would sort nuts.

Acorns, hazelnuts, chestnuts and many others.

Very carefully he'd take out the bad ones.

Then put them all in a little knapsack.

The next day he would take his sheep up the mountain.

Then he would carefully plant the seeds.

The young man asked him what he was doing.


He said he was planting trees.

The young man told him it would take years before any would grow.

The old man didn't seem to mind.

It will do somebody some good one day he said.

Many years later the young man returned to the country.

He was shocked to see the dry valley was now full of trees and animals.

The young man went back to the old cottage.

There he saw the old man who was still sorting nuts.

So don't think you’re too small to do anything.

Be like the old man who sorted the nuts and planted them.

Do something little and it may turn out big in the end.