It's fun to dress up and go to a costume party.

There are so many different things you can dress up to be.

You can dress up like an animal or different kinds of people.

If you want to dress up like a dog you could cut two big ears out of paper.

Put a string though the paper and hang them over your ears.

Then paint your face to look like a dog.

You can also dress up like a robot.

Find two boxes, one a little larger than the other.

You can cut two holes in the smaller box for eyes.

You can paint a colorful robot looking face on the box.

Next cut a hole in the box to fit over your head.


Cut two holes in the larger box for your arms to fit though for the robot's body.

Then draw on knobs, dials, and switches to make it look like a robot's body.

There are also many other kinds of people you could dress up to look like.

If you are a girl you could dress up like a queen.

Ask your mom for some long pieces of material and an old dress of hers.

Make the piece of material into a cape and wear your mother’s dress.

Make a crown out of cardboard and glue glitter on it to make it pretty.

If you are a boy you could dress up like a knight.

Make your armor out of cardboard and cover it with silver foil.

You can make a sword out of thick cardboard or use a stick as a sword.

Ask your mom for some material to make a cape hanging down your back.

There are so many different kinds of costumes you can create.

If you don't have time to make your own costume you could always buy one.

Making or buying a costume is fun and going to a costume party is even more fun.