Deep in a misty forest was a tiny town called Fairyland.

Fairyland was built in the top of trees.

Little fairies lived in the tiny town.

The little fairies were the same size as butterflies.

They were all different colors with gold and silver wings.

The fairies liked to fly around and gather flowers for their homes.

They picked flowers and put them around their homes to make them look pretty.

The fairies also helped the creatures in the forest.

One time a baby bird fell from its nest to the ground.

A fairy flew down to the baby bird to help.

It picked the baby bird up and flew back up to its nest.

The mommy bird thanked the fairy for saving its baby.

In the forest also lived an old spider that spun a giant web.

The fairies had to be careful not to become caught in the giant web.


A moth flew into the spider's web one time.

One fairy quickly pulled the moth out before the spider could get it.

The fairies didn’t like the old spider and stayed away from it.

At night Fairyland would glow with lights.

All the fairies would get together and have a dance.

They liked to spin around and around as they danced in the air.

The fairies would dance till the moon came up in the sky.

When the moon was full in the sky they would go to bed.

Quietly they flew to their little homes and climbed into their beds.

All the lights would go out and the little fairies would go to sleep.

In the morning the fairies would wake up and help again in Fairyland.