Do you like to play sport games?

There are many kinds of sports you can play.

Most sports use a ball to play games.

Baseball is a popular game where a ball and bat are used.

A man called a pitcher throws the ball to another man called a batter.

The batter hits the ball and then runs to a base before he gets tagged.

Another game that uses a larger ball is kickball.

In kickball someone rolls the ball to a player and they kick it as hard as they can.

When they kick the ball they run to a base before being tagged with the ball.

Volleyball is a fun game where the ball is hit with hands over a net.

Usually there are about twelve players with six on each side.

They volley the ball over the net and try to get the other team to miss it.

Soccer, also known as football, is another popular game played with a ball.


In soccer you can’t touch the ball with your hands.

Each team tries to kick the ball into the other team’s net, or goal.

You can only use your feet and head to hit the ball into the goal.

Have you ever heard of a man named Michael Jordan?

He’s a famous player in a popular game called basketball.

Basketball is a game where you use your hands to bounce a ball.

Then you toss it into a net that looks like a basket hanging on a wall.

This is how basketball got its name.

Some more games are American football, rugby, tennis, and golf.

So, if you have a ball at home you can play almost any game.

Get your ball out and have some fun with your favorite sport.

There are so many games you can play with only a ball.