John and Kate like to play the game hide and seek.

Mom and Dad like to play this game too.

Dad covers his eyes and counts to ten.

Mom, John and Kate run and hide from Dad.

Mom hides behind the table.

John hides in the cabinet.

Kate hides under her bed.

Dad finishes counting and starts looking for Mom, John and Kate.

First he looks in the bedroom.

Then he looks under Kate’s bed.

Dad finds Kate hiding under the bed.

So now Kate will help dad find Mom and John.

Dad goes into the dining room.

Kate goes into the living room.

Kate can not find Mom or John anywhere.


Dad can not find them either.

Kate sees the cabinet and looks inside.

John jumps out as Kate opens the doors.

“I found John” yells Kate to her dad.

Dad looks behind the table in the dining room.

Mom jumps up and scares Dad with a laugh.

“I found Mom” laughs dad.

John and Kate come into the dining room.

Playing hide and seek is a very fun game.

They decide to play again but this time Mom will hide her eyes.