If I was an Octopus living deep down in the ocean.

I would be a very busy octopus and do many things.

It would be easy for me to do many things because I’d have so many arms.

I would have one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight long arms.

I could even make my arms become legs if I needed.

Then I could run, jump and dance when I wanted.

Not only could I dance but I could play the piano, too.

I could do many jobs at one time with eight arms.

I could cook with one arm while sewing with another.

I could paint with one arm and draw with the other.

I could eat my meal while washing the dishes, too.

Not only that but I could do all these things at one time if I wanted.

An octopus can change colors to hide if it wants.

If a shark was after me I would pretend to be seaweed on the ocean floor.

I could also change my color to look like a piece of rock.


Then I would bop the shark on its long grey nose.

I could also hide in the caves on the ocean floor.

I would be able to squeeze into small holes because I have no bones.

If you came swimming by you probably would see just my two eyes.

All these things would be fun to do but there’s still one thing better I could do.

I would spread my arms wide and round pretending to be a Ferris wheel.

Around and around I would go as I gave little creatures a ride.

Yes, I’d like to be an octopus with eight long arms to play.

There’s only one thing that I may not like though.

I think I would be one tired octopus at the end of the day.