Jennifer was a pet horse that lived in a meadow.

She lived with other horses that were her friends.

They liked to run and play in the meadow with the others.

Every evening Jennifer and the other horses had nice hay to eat.

Sometimes Jennifer would take her masters to market on her back.

She liked to go to the market because she would get carrots to eat.

Jennifer was a black horse with a white star on her head.

The other horses were black and had some colored spots on them.

Her friends' names were Misty, Shadow, and DoDo.

Misty was black and had white and brown spots on her back.

Shadow was all black with white hooves.

DoDo was a beautiful solid white horse.


On weekends many children would come and ride on the horses.

Jennifer was very careful not to let the children fall or get hurt.

The children liked to give sugar blocks to the horses after their ride.

The horses like to run through the meadows and meet other horses.

The meadows are beautiful and full of flowers and clover.

Jennifer likes to eat the clover and other green grass.

When it starts to rain the horses will stay in the stables.

They would like to run in the rain but they might catch a cold.

When they stay in the stable they usually get yummy oats to eat.

The master will wash them sometimes and brush their mane.

He also checks their hooves to make sure the horse shoes are good.

Jennifer loves her home very much and she likes her master too.

Jennifer and her friends are thankful to have such a nice place to live.