There once was a little mermaid named Julie.

She lived in the big blue sea with her family.

In the morning Julie would swim to the top of the water and watch the ships go by.

Sometimes she would dream that she was on one of the ships.

She imagined that she was wearing a puffy pink dress, too.

Just then Julie got an idea.

She splashed under the water and started swimming to the ships she saw.

Suddenly she heard a cry for help but where did it come from.

She turned around and swam down to the bottom of the ocean.

She looked around until she saw a whale but his fin was caught in a net.

Julie swam over to the whale and told him that she will get him out.

Julie pulled and pulled but she could not get the net off.

Just then she saw a broken piece of shell with a very sharp side.

So she swam over and got it.


She cut the rope with the sharp side of the shell and soon the net was off.

They both swam to top of the water and Julie asked the whale his name.

He told her his name was Tilly and that he wanted her to come to his home.

So Julie went with him to his home.

Julie and Tilly were having so much fun playing games and swimming.

Then Tilly told Julie that he had something to show her so they both swam away.

Tilly told Julie to close her eyes.

When Julie opened them she was in a big sunken ship.

Julie saw many different things and she saw a pink puffy dress too.

Julie went and put it on and swam around the ship with Tilly.

Julie now had a pink dress and was on a ship like she always wanted.