Timmy and Sally like to play pretend games in their room.

Timmy wants to pretend he is a king living in a castle.

Sally will pretend to be a beautiful queen.

First they have to make a castle from some card board boxes.

They paint the boxes like a castle wall, then they stack them around the room.

Timmy finds a long piece of material to make a robe.

Then he cuts out a crown from some card board.

He paints it blue and glues silver glitter on it to make it sparkle.

Sally also makes her a yellow crown with gold glitter.

Sally gets an old dress from her mom and pretends they are queen clothes.

Timmy notices that he hasn’t got a sword.

A king has to have a sword to fight the dragons.

Timmy finds a stick and decides it will make a good sword.


Puddles the puppy comes running in to play with the children.

Timmy pretends that Puddles is a dragon come to destroy the castle.

Timmy pokes at Puddles with the stick but is careful not to hurt him.

Puddles barks and grabs the stick from Timmy.

Then he runs off carrying the stick in his mouth.

Timmy and Sally chase Puddles to get the stick back from him.

Puddles knocks the castle walls down as he runs from the children.

Puddles is pretending to be a bad dragon says Timmy to Sally.

Timmy catches Puddles and takes the stick away from him.

He chases Puddles away and pretends he has saved the queen from the dragon.

Puddles pretended to be just like a dragon and destroyed the castle.

Next time they pretend to be a king and queen they won’t play with Puddles.