KITE IN A TREE                 樹上的風箏

I got a new kite shaped like a diamond with a long tail.

My kite is bright yellow and the tail has many colors.

I take my kite to the park on a windy day.

I like to fly my kite when it’s windy so it will go up into the sky.

I tie a string to my kite so I will not lose it.

I run very fast and pull my kite behind me.

Then my kite goes way up into the air.

Up, up and up it goes until it is very high in the sky.

One day I went with my friends to fly my kite.

We went to a big park with lots of trees.

I started to run pulling my kite and it started going up and up.

Then my kite started falling back to the ground.

All of a sudden it fell into a large tree and got stuck.


I pulled the string very hard but the kite would not come down.

My friends helped me pull the string but then it broke.

My poor kite was stuck way up in the top of a tree.

How was I going to get it down?

I decided to climb up the tree and try to reach it.

Up, up and up I climbed until I was very high into the tree.

Finally I reached my yellow kite and pulled it from the branches.

It had a small rip in the middle where a branch had torn it.

I tossed my kite down to my friends and slowly climbed down the tree.

I took my broken yellow kite home to fix it.

I fixed the rip with some tape and tied new string to the center.

My kite wasn’t new anymore but it would fly up high again some windy day.