Have you ever seen those little tiny creatures that crawl on the ground.

They are ants that live in nests on the ground.

Three kinds of ants live in each nest.

Some are worker ants and some are drones. One ant in each nest is the queen.

Worker ants have many jobs.

Workers make room in the nest and they take dirt to the top and dump it.

Have you ever seen the big hills they make?

Some workers get the food and some keep the nest clean.

Other workers take care of the baby ants and some protect the queen.

The queen ant lays many eggs. Baby ants hatch from the eggs.

When the babies grow up, they will start new homes.

Ants help us in many ways.

They stir up the soil when they make their nest.


Some ants eat meat.

Some ants eat seeds.

If an ant drops a seed on the way to the nest, a plant may start to grow.

Some ants get into our homes.

They like to feed on meat and sweets.

It is not safe to play in an ant hill because many ants bite.

Ants sleep in their nests all winter.

They did all the hard work in the winter.

When the summer comes they will do their work again.

It is fun to watch ants as they work.

I cannot work as hard as the ants, but I can do my best.