There once was a piece of sand who always thought he was useless.

There were so many other pieces of sand just like him on the beach.

All they ever did was just lay there all day doing nothing.

He felt so sorry for himself that he made all the others around him sad too.

One day the little piece of sand was sitting and feeling sorry for himself,

When Breezy breeze came flying by and asked him what was wrong.

The little piece of sand said he wished he could be bigger like her.

Breezy breeze laughed and replied that she may be bigger but no one could see her.

The little piece of sand told Breezy breeze that at least she was useful.

All little piece of sand could do was sit around and he could never move like her.

Breezy breeze said she could move little piece of sand if he wanted her too.

So Breezy began to blow and blow and the little piece of sand flew up into the air.

All of sudden if fell back to the ground landing back with the other pieces of sand.

Poor little piece of sand was so unhappy now as he knew he could never fly.


The piece of sand looked around and saw all the others looking at him.

Breezy breeze told him that he should be happy for what he was.

She told him that by himself you may seem to be nothing,

But put all the other pieces of sand together and you become something very special.

Very special thought the little piece of sand.

How can all us little pieces of sand ever be anything special.

Then Breezy breeze blew the sand way up in the air again and told him to look down.

When the piece of sand looked down he saw a mighty beach spread far and wide.

It's true that you may be small and not very important by yourself, said Breezy breeze.

Put all of you pieces of sand together and you become a beautiful giant beach.

Then little piece of sand realized that he was important and useful after all.