Little tree is a small tree.

He has some little green leaves on top of him.

He lives in a happy land with many other trees just like himself.

Even though he lives in a happy land he is not happy.

He wants to walk like all the animals that are around him.

Sometimes he would dream that he was a rabbit fast and smart.

Sometimes he would dream that he was a big and strong lion.

Little tree knew he could never be like them though.

Many times he would wish that a fairy princess would make him walk.

He had only seen her once when she came to sit on the grass next to him.

She told him that he would soon be a big tall tree with green leaves on top of him.

One day little tree woke up and found that many of his green leaves were missing.

Little tree was very angry because he loved his leaves very much.

He wondered who had taken his green leaves.

Just then a little deer came up and started eating his leaves.


Little tree tried to move but he could not.

Then he looked at the deer and noticed it did not have his mom there.

He felt sorry for the deer and did not mind him eating his leaves anymore.

He was happy he could give him his leaves.

Just then the little dear stopped eating and sat beside his trunk and went to sleep.

The next morning little tree arose to a bright sunny day.

He looked up and saw the Queen fairy standing next to him.

Little tree sat up and tried to look as big as he could.

He saw the deer’s mom standing next to Her.

The Queen fairy said that the little deer ran away and could not find his mom.

She said he saved the little deer’s life.

She told him that the little deer was very hungry and tired.

Little tree was very happy.

He knew that if he had been a lion or rabbit he could not have saved the little deer.

Now little tree was happier than he had ever been before.