Millie is red with green spots and lives on the planet Mars.

She has long blue hair and round purple eyes.

Millie likes to visit her friends on different planets.

She travels in her big space ship that flies very fast.

One day she went to the planet Venus.

Her friend Vicky lives on Venus.

Vicky is purple and has yellow squares on her.

She is very small with short orange hair.

Millie invited Vicky to come with her on the space ship.

They went to Mercury to find their friend Mark who lives there.

Mercury is very hot and they couldn’t stay too long.

Mark’s color is blue and he has orange stripes up and down his body.

He is very tall with bright yellow hair.

Mark quickly jumped into Millie’s spaceship before it got too hot.

They decided to fly on Millie’s spaceship to the other planets.


They passed by Earth with its deep blue and white colors.

Earth is the planet just before Mars where Millie lives.

Then they flew to the biggest planet with many moons called Jupiter.

As they flew past Jupiter they saw the rings around Saturn.

The rings of Saturn have lots of rocks floating in them so they had to be careful.

Then they went to the green planet called Uranus where it’s very cold.

Millie likes the next planet after Uranus called Neptune.

On Neptune lives her good friend Nelly but she couldn’t visit her this time.

They went to the last planet Pluto that is the coldest and farthest from the sun.

It got late so they turned around at Pluto and flew back to Mars.