The was an old man who seemed to grumble all the time.

If someone didn't do things the way he wanted he would grumble.

If the day wasn't the way he wanted he would grumble.

This old man seemed to grumble about everything.

The angels in heaven looked down on the old man and decided to stop his grumbling.

They visited the old man and placed a hat on top of his head.

The hat they placed on his head couldn't be taken off.

Then a round ball appeared and flew up under his hat.

The angels told him that a grumble ball would appear whenever he complained.

The old man started complaining and another ball appeared and flew under his hat.

He now had two balls under his hat which made his hat more heavy.

He grumbled again at the angels for putting the hat on his head.

Another ball appeared and again flew under his hat.


This made the old man so mad he began to rant and rave as he tried to pull it off.

Soon his hat was full of grumble balls which made his head heavy and hurt.

It was so heavy he could hardly walk or hold his head up anymore.

Now he was so miserable that he called the angels to help him.

The angels came and told him there was only one way to remove the grumble balls.

Every time he said something kind one of the grumble balls would fly away.

The old man thanked the angels and suddenly one of balls flew out of his hat.

Then he thanked the day for the sunshine and another flew away.

The old man continued to be thankful for many things until all the balls were gone.

Now his head was light and the pain was all gone.

He realized how bad it was to grumble and asked the angels to forgive him.

The angels took his hat off and he promised to not grumble any more.