"Only what's right is right!" That's what the giant sign says.

The letters are ten feet tall, on a wall two blocks long!

The sign is on the wall of a very large airplane factory.

Many men work in the factory building airplanes.

The people who own the airplane factory made the big sign.

The sign was to tell people how careful they must be when they make airplanes.

All the men who work in the factory know that they have to do their jobs right.

If they make an airplane and something isn't right it might crash.

Only what's done right is right and if it's not just right then it's wrong.

Joe was one man who worked in the factory and was good at his job.

But, he sometimes thought he could fix things without any help.

One day the company bought a new machine for making airplane parts.

The new machine cost a lot of money so they asked Joe to run it.

The boss told him it was new and not try to fix it if he had any trouble.


Joe smiled. He knew he wouldn't have any trouble with the new machine.

The boss left and Joe started running the machine by himself.

All of a sudden the machine had a small problem and Joe stopped it.

Joe thought, should he go and get the boss or should he just fix it.

Joe decided to try and fix it himself even though he didn't know how.

When Joe turned the machine on there was a cracking and smashing noise.

Joe had totally wrecked the new and costly machine.

When the boss found out he was very angry and fired Joe.

Joe said he had done his best and what he thought was right.

His boss told him that the right thing was to call him and ask for help.

If it's not right then it's wrong and Joe did the wrong thing.