Hello my name is Feebee I am seven years old.

Everyday I go to art school except for Saturday and Sunday.

Today I am going. Would you like to join me?

I arrive there at 9:00 in the morning.

I put away my shoes and put on my slippers.

My teacher’s name is Miss Frisbee.

Today my teacher tells me we are going to learn how to paint.

I am very excited.

She gives me a piece of paper and some paints.

There are many other kids in my class so we share the paints.

My teacher tells all the kids to paint their favorite animal.

My favorite animal is a horse.

First I dip my brush in the water then into the brown paint.

Then I put the brush on the paper.


I am going to make my horse brown with white spots.

First I paint the horse's body then his legs and head.

Then to finish him I put its tail.

Now I wash off my brush and dip it in the white.

My teacher says that I should put the spots on his back.

Soon My picture will be done and I can put it on the wall.

Now everyone is done and my teacher says we can put our pictures on the wall.

I put some tape on the end of the picture and put it up.

Now it’s time to go home and my teacher gives me a big hug.

My mom is outside so I better go.

I had fun painting at my art school. I wonder what we are going to do tomorrow.