Puff was a big green dinosaur.

He had a long neck, a big fat body and a large spiked tail.

Puff used his spiked tail for many things.

He would use his tail to gather fruits from trees.

He would poke the fruit with his tail and bring it down from the trees.

His tail scared the other dinosaurs when he shook it.

Puff had two horns on top of his head.

This made him look very scary to other dinosaurs too.

Puffs’ horns got in the way sometimes when he would walk through the jungle.

His horns would become caught and tangled in the vines sometimes.

The other dinosaurs would laugh at him when this happened.


Then Puff would shake his tail and they would run away.

Puff didn’t like when the other dinosaurs laughed at him.

One day Puff saw some dinosaurs playing with a coconut.

Puff wanted to play with them but the dinosaurs were scared of his spiked tail.

Then one of the dinosaurs kicked the coconut way up into a tree.

They tried to get it down but no one could reach it.

Puff slowly moved next to the other dinosaurs and offered to help.

They were afraid at first but then they saw him hit the coconut with his tail.

The coconut stuck to his tail and as he swung it down it became stuck to his horns.

Poor Puff now had his tail and horns stuck together.

The other dinosaurs didn’t laugh but helped Puff remove the coconut.

Puff thanked the other dinosaurs and then started laughing.

This time Puff could laugh at himself and how silly he must have looked.

They all became friends and the other dinosaurs weren’t afraid of Puff anymore.