There once was a man who raised and sold camels.

He sometimes traveled through the deserts with his camels.

The desert is very hot in the day but at night it gets very cold.

The man would sleep in his tent at night next to a warm fire.

One very cold night the man made a warm fire and went to bed.

The camels were nearby shivering in the cold night air.

One camel looked at the warm tent and slowly walked over to it.

He wanted to go inside but knew the man would never let him.

His nose was so cold and he wanted to put just his nose in the tent.

Rip! Rip! The camel ripped a small hole in the tent and stuck his nose inside.

The man woke up and began to hit the camel with his pillow telling him to get out.

The poor camel begged the man to just let him put his nose in the tent.

The man decided to let the camel put just his nose through the hole in the tent.


Later the camel's head was cold so he pushed his head inside the tent.

Out! Out! Cried the man as he hit the camel with his pillow.

The camel told the man his head was very cold.

He begged the man to please let him put just his head into the tent.

Unhappily the man decided to let the camel put his head inside the tent.

The man went back to bed grumbling about the camel.

Later that night the camel's body was so cold he decided to move it into the tent too.

Rip! Rip! Rip! The camel was now completely inside the tent.

The other camels saw the hole in the tent and they ran to get inside too.

The poor man had to run out of his tent as the camels came running inside.

The man sat out side his tent all cold looking at the camels in his tent.

If he had stopped the camel's nose in the beginning he would still be in his warm tent.