There once was a farmer who lived on a very small farm.

On the farm he had a very small house.

He lived in the house with his wife and many animals.

He had one dog, two cats, three mice and four birds.

They all lived together inside the farmer’s small house.

The farmer was very kind and liked to have the animals in his house.

The only problem was there was very little room in the small house.

They ate together at the same table and slept in the same room.

The farmer wished he had a bigger house so they could all fit.

If he had a bigger house he could give the animals their own room.

The farmer worked very hard on his farm growing vegetables.

His favorite vegetable was the pumpkin.

He cared for his pumpkin patch more than the other vegetables.

Each year the pumpkins would grow bigger and bigger.


The farmer hoped to grow the biggest pumpkin in the world one day.

One night the farmer laid in his room with his wife and all their animals.

He looked up into the sky and saw a bright star shining.

He made a wish on the star that he could get a bigger house.

The next morning to his surprise a giant pumpkin had grown in his garden.

The pumpkin was the same size as their small house.

This is the answer to my wish thought the farmer.

He could make the pumpkin into a house for his animals.

He cut a door into the side of the pumpkin and then cut some windows.

The pumpkin became a very beautiful house.

All the animals moved into the pumpkin and now they had plenty of room.