Deep in the forest there was a village that had many animals.

A magical stone was hidden under the ground in the village.

The forest animals had hidden the stone there many years ago.

The stone's power protected the animals from harm.

Now nearby in a tall tower there lived the evil witch Mire.

Mire hated the animals of the forest and wanted to get rid of them.

Mire had discovered where the stone was hidden and decided to steal it.

Disguised as a peasant the witch sneaked into the village and stole the stone.

Back in her evil tower she put the forest under her spell.

The spell changed any animal that left the forest into stone.

In the same forest lived Sir. Henry who cared and helped the animals.

On his way to visit the village he saw many animals turned into stone.

The villagers asked him to help them and get the stone back from the witch.


Sir. Henry decided to help them and went to the evil witch’s tower.

When the witch saw Sir. Henry she changed herself into a dragon.

Sir. Henry drew his sword and swung it at the huge dragon.

The dragon ducked and missed the blow of the sword.

The witch swung his claw and knocked the sword out of Sir. Henry's hands.

Sir. Henry quickly grabbed a rock and hit the dragon.

He then got his sword back and climbed the side of the tower.

Waiting for the right moment he cut the rope that held the drawbridge up.

It fell right on top of the dragon's head, killing the huge beast.

Sir. Henry then found the magic stone that Mire had stolen.

He took the stone and gave it back to the villagers.

They cheered and thanked him for freeing the animals from the evil spell.