A long time ago there lived a strange animal.

This strange animal looked like a horse except for one thing.

It had one horn that grew out of the center of its head.

This strange animal was called an unicorn.

The unicorns’ horn had magical powers that they used to help others.

They could only use their horns for a good reason.

There was one bad witch who wanted to steal the unicorns horn.

The unicorns knew about the witch and were careful not to get near her.

They knew the witch would use the horn for something bad.

One day all the unicorns were playing in a large beautiful field.

They were having so much fun that they didn’t notice the dark clouds coming.

All of a sudden lightning struck and hit one of the unicorns.

It lay silently on the ground and not moving at all.


The oldest unicorn came quickly and rubbed its horn across its body.

No sooner had he touched him that he began to move and was okay.

The witch was watching and saw her chance to steal one of their horns.

She quickly ran up to the old unicorn and grabbed his horn and pulled it off.

In all the excitement they had forgotten about her.

The unicorns now feared the witch would use the magical powers in a bad way.

There was only way they could stop her and that was to remove all their horns.

They would then throw their horns into a bottomless pit.

This would end the power of the all magical horns.

So all the unicorns threw their horns into the bottomless pit.

This broke the magical power of the horn that the witch had stolen.

From that day on the unicorns looked like horses, never to have the horns again.