This is a story about a cat that got wet.

Near a stream in the country lived a group of cats.

The leader of the cats was named Horace.

Horace was a proud cat and was always boasting about how brave he was.

He would tell the other cats how fast he could run and climb trees.

He would sometimes tease another cat named Charley.

Charley got upset and dared Horace to a race.

They raced against each other but Horace was faster than Charley.

Horace easily won the race and this made him even prouder.

Only one thing scared Horace and that was water.

Horace was afraid of water and getting wet.

Nobody knew about Horace’s fear and he did not want anyone to know.

One day Horace was boasting that he could even run faster that the farmer’s dog.


This surprised everyone as the farmer's dog was very fast and dangerous.

Charley couldn’t stand his boasting so he dared Horace to race against the dog.

Horace was a bit scared of the farmer's dog but he didn’t want anyone to know.

Horace jumped in front of the farmer's dog and started running.

The dog chased Horace and almost caught him when he suddenly ran up a tree.

The tree was next to a stream and Horace was on a limb over hanging the water.

Suddenly the branch broke and Horace fell into the water.

Horace was scared to death and was swimming for his life.

Finally he climbed out of the water onto the bank.

Horace was all wet and his hair looked so funny.

Horace was so embarrassed that all the cats were laughing at him.

After that Horace was liked by everyone because he was nicer.