On top of a steep hill was a group of tall pine trees.

The pine trees were tall and beautiful with thick pine needles.

The pine trees would often brag about who was the greatest of them all.

In the middle of all these trees was one small, skinny pine tree.

Its’ leaves were thin and its’ trunk was very small.

The other pine trees would make fun of the little tree and called it skinny.

This was very unkind of the big trees and made the little pine feel bad.

Sometimes the little pine tree would spread its leaves and try to look big.

The little pine tree tried to look bigger but just could not.

Down in the valley below the pine trees lived a farmer and his family.

One day the farmer took his axe and climbed up the steep hill.

When the farmer got near the pine trees he asked them who were the greatest.

All the proud pine trees started arguing who was the biggest and the greatest.

Finally, the farmer decided who was the greatest and tallest tree.


Then taking his axe he chopped it down and took it home.

Every day the farmer would come and chop down a different tree.

The big pine trees did not argue anymore and were quiet when the farmer came.

Soon all the great pine trees were cut down except for one and the little pine.

The farmer looked at the little pine tree and shook his head as it was just too small.

Then he took his axe and chopped down the last big pine tree.

As the big tree fell to the ground it looked over to the small skinny tree.

How it wished it was a small skinny tree instead of a great big one.

Now the little pine tree was the only one left.

Once the little pine had wished that it was big like the other great pines.

Now it was thankful for its’ small trunk and skinny leaves.