I like to go to the sea shore with my dad.

There are many things to see and hear.

First we go to the pier. It’s very windy so I must put on my jacket.

We can see some sea gulls in the sky and they make a lot of noise.

The sea gulls have white feathers and black beaks.

We go out farther on the pier and we can see some fishing boats.

There are many fishing boats going out to catch some fish.

The fishing boats throw large nets into the water to catch the fish.

We can see some ferries far away in the distance.

They are carrying people to different places.

From the pier we can see the shore with lots of shells on the sand.

My dad and I go down to the sand to look for shells.

I always bring my bucket to we can take some shells home to my mom.

We find many kinds of shells with different shapes and colors.

My dad finds a big round orange and brown shell.


The shell has many lines that go around it.

My dad sees a metal can on the sand.

He picks it up and throws it away.

He tells me that people should not drop things on the beach.

He told me that people can get hurt if they step on the metal.

We should keep the beaches clean by not throwing trash on them.

Soon the sun starts to set and the sky goes pink and orange.

We see a beautiful sunset over the blue sea.

My dad tells me we need to go home before it gets dark.

I had lots of fun here and I hope we can come back tomorrow.