Tommy and his dad are going camping.

They will go to a beautiful forest to camp.

When they get to the forest they find a good place to put up tents.

Tommy and his dad will stay all night and sleep in their tents.

In the morning, Tommy's dad puts the tents up so Tommy can go for a walk.

On his hike he sees a deer eating grass.

Tommy creeps slowly up to see the deer.

As Tommy creeps closer to the deer he trips on a rock and falls.

The deer quickly runs off back into the forest.

Tommy goes back to the camp to tell his dad about the deer.

It’s getting dark by the time he gets back to camp.

Tommy’s dad made a fire next to the tents to cook dinner.

They cook hot dogs over the fire.

Tommy sits on a tree stump to eat his hot dog.

He likes to put tomato ketchup and mustard on his hot dog.


As they eat their hot dogs Tommy hears a strange noise.

The noise is coming from under the stump where Tommy is sitting.

Tommy looks under the stump and sees a black cricket.

The black cricket is making a loud noise with its wings.

Tommy picks the cricket up and looks at it, then lets it go.

After dinner Tommy and his dad crawl into their tents to sleep.

Tommy feels very tired and falls asleep right away.

The next morning Tommy wakes up to see dad cooking breakfast.

His dad is making a fire and fried ham and eggs for breakfast.

Tommy sits on the tree stump to eat his breakfast.

After breakfast Tommy and his dad need to get ready to go back home.

They take the tents down and put them into the car.

They had so much fun camping in the forest and will do it again some other day.