Tubby was a small guinea pig.

He had long brown hair, black eyes, little paws and a white star on his nose.

He lived in a little shed with lots of hay and straw.

He ate green crunchy cucumbers given to him by the farmer every day.

Tubby had brothers and sisters that he could play with in the shed.

Tubby and his brothers and sisters loved to squeal loudly while playing.

His mother would warn them not to squeal so loudly.

She knew that the old black cat, who wanted to catch them, was always nearby.

The shed was a safe place and the old black cat couldn't get inside.

On one side of the shed was a small hole and only a guinea pig could go through it.

Daddy guinea pig told Tubby that he should never try to go outside though it.

The hole was only there if they had to escape from danger inside the shed.

Tubby would peek out the hole sometimes and look at the delicious green grass.


Tubby wondered if the grass tasted better than the green cucumbers.

He decided that he could quickly sneak out and grab just a bite then run back.

So, Tubby squeezed through the hole and ran to the grass quickly.

No sooner had he reached the grass than a big paw came down on top of him.

It was the old black cat who had seen Tubby sneak out the hole.

The old black cat licked his lips as he looked at Tubby.

All of a sudden a big broom knocked old black cat through the air.

It was the farmer who fed Tubby and his family.

The farmer scolded the cat as he picked Tubby up and put him back in the shed.

The farmer scolded Tubby too, and told him to not leave the shed again.

Tubby ran back to his family who were happy to see him safe.

He learned to be happy to eat cucumbers and promised not to leave again.