My name is Jane and I am 9 years old.

I live with my mother, father, and little sister in a big two story house.

My house is red and has a garden with a white fence around it.

We have a pet dog named Spike and a cat named Puff.

The white fence keeps our dog Spike from leaving the garden.

When you go in the front door you can see the stairs going up.

My room is upstairs on the right and it’s painted pink.

My parent’s room is upstairs on the left and it’s painted blue.

My little sister is only l years old so she sleeps in a small room next to my parents.

Every day after school I run home to play with my sister and our pets.

I run upstairs to change my clothes and put my school books away.

Then I go downstairs to the living room to find my pet cat Puff.

In the living room we have two big sofas and a TV Set.


Puff likes to sit on top of the TV and sometimes he hides behind it.

After playing with Puff I go into the kitchen to see if Mom needs any help.

She’s making dinner and asks me to go upstairs to get my sister.

I go upstairs and get my sister and then I take her downstairs to the garden.

She likes to play ball in the garden and so does my dog Spike.

My sister laughs when Spike tries to catch the ball I throw in the air.

Mom calls us to dinner so we go wash our hands and go to eat.

After dinner I help dad with the dishes and then I go upstairs to do my homework.

When all my homework is done I'll have a bath and get ready for bed.

Just before I go to bed I like to run downstairs and get a late night snack.

When my snack is done I run back upstairs and climb into my bed.

I’m thankful to have such a nice beautiful house and happy family.