Once upon a time there was a little boy named David.

He lived way up north in a country called Canada.

In Canada it was cold and it snowed a lot.

It was so cold! David didn't like it!

His daddy and mommy didn't like it! His brother and sister didn't like it either.

So they decided to move south to Washington D.C., but it was cold there too.

There was ice and snow and freezing weather in Washington D.C.

One day, David and his brother and sister were playing outside in the snow.

They were sliding on the sidewalk because it was so slippery and covered with ice.

Near their house some men had dug a deep hole to make a house basement.

They had dug the hole but hadn't built the house yet!


The hole had filled up with water and the top had frozen into ice.

David's brother poked the ice with a pole to see if the ice was thick.

If the ice was thick enough they could go ice-skating on top of it.

Then David’s brother told him to step out on the ice to see it was strong enough.

David carefully stepped out onto the ice.

Car-a-a-ck! Crash! David went splash right down into the ice-cold water.

He fell under the water and couldn't swim.

His brother and sister thought he was going to drown or freeze to death.

Quickly they grabbed and pulled David out of the cold water.

They took him home and took off his wet clothes.

His clothes were almost frozen stiff because it was so cold.

David caught an awfully bad cold and was sick for two weeks.

Finally Mommy, Daddy, David and his brother and sister decided to go farther south.

This time they went to Florida where it never snowed or was freezing cold.