WHO   AM  I ?

Do you know who I am?

I am a big animal, and I look like a cat.

I could never be an inside pet because I would never fit.

Sometimes I am seen by people, but not very often.

I live in a big country called Africa and I am the king of beasts.

I also live with lots of other animals like me.

We live in groups called prides and we also move around a lot.

I am golden colored and have hair around my neck called a mane.

My paws are very big and help me catch my dinner.

I sleep under big trees that keep me cool from the hot sun.

There are other animals where I live that are bigger than me.

One of these animals is the elephant.

I can run very fast and I also have sharp teeth and long claws.

My tail is long and I have a nose just like a cat.


I can live a long time and I spend my life in a dry place called a desert.

In the desert the sand can get very hot and hurts my paws.

When the sand gets so hot I'll find nice cool water to drink.

At night I like to walk under the big white moon and roar.

I have good eyes and can see you in the dark.

Have you guessed who I am yet?

I will give you two more hints before I tell you who I am.

There is a popular cartoon movie made about me too.

You can find me in almost any zoo if you can't come to Africa.

I think you know who I am!

Yes! I am the lion, king of all the beasts!