A   TRIP  TO  THE  STORE     商店之旅

David and Susan are brother and sister.


Today is a very special day for them because they are going to the store.
今天對他們來說是一個非常特別的日子, 因為他們要去商店.

Their mom and dad are taking them to help buy some food.

They all climb into dad’s big blue van and drive to the store.

David and Susan bump up and down in the van as it drives along.
當車子行駛中, 大衛和蘇珊在車裡碰上碰下的.

They see the store as dad pulls into the parking lot.
當爸爸駛進停車場時, 他們看到了商店.

David and Susan jump out of the car and run to get a shopping cart.
大衛和蘇珊跳下車子, 跑去拿推車.

Mom gives the children a shopping list of things they need to buy.

David reads the list to Susan as mom and dad push the shopping cart inside.
當媽媽和爸爸將推車推到裡面時, 大衛念清單給蘇珊聽.

The first items on the list to get are vegetables.

They need tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, onions and garlic.
他們需要蕃茄, 萵苣, 小黃瓜, 洋蔥及大蒜.

After they get the vegetables they need to buy some fruit.
他們拿了蔬菜後, 需要買一些水果.

The fruit they need is apples, oranges, grapes and watermelon.
他們需要的水果有蘋果, 柳丁, 葡萄及西瓜.

David and Susan find all the vegetables and fruit on the list.


Next on the list to buy are some eggs, rice, salt, noodles and tea.
接下來在單子上要買的是一些雞蛋, 米, 鹽﹐ 麵條及茶.

David and Susan rush around the store finding the other items they need.

They find all the items and put them in the shopping cart.

They look at the list to see if they got everything.
他們看著單子, 看看是否忘記任何東西.

Only one more thing to get and that’s cookies.
還有一樣東西要拿, 那就是餅乾.

David and Susan race down the aisle to see who could get to the cookies first.
大衛和蘇珊在走道上賽跑, 看誰先拿到餅乾.

Susan trips and falls knocking down a pile of stacked crackers.

They tumble and fall everywhere and Susan starts to cry.
它們滾落且掉得到處都是, 所以蘇珊開始哭了起來.

Mom and Dad come running over and pick Susan up to comfort her.

Susan is okay and David starts picking up the crackers.
蘇珊沒事後﹐ 大衛開始撿起餅乾.

David feels sorry for Susan so he lets her pick the kind of cookies she wants.
大衛對蘇珊感到很抱歉, 所以讓她挑選她想要的餅乾種類.

Later when they finished shopping mom and dad have a surprise for the children.
隨後當他們完成購物, 媽媽和爸爸有一個驚喜給孩子們.

They all stop to have an ice cream cone.

Shopping is a lot of fun and ice cream makes it even better.
購物很好玩, 而冰淇淋使它更有意思.